Welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to view my blog. As an avid enthusiast of the art of film, it is my pleasure to present to you my opinions on new movies, keep you updated on future releases, and share my thoughts and reflections on all things film.

For over 90 years, film has been a popular medium in which to tell stories, present viewpoints, and express oneself artistically. The rich detail and beautiful sound they allow us to add to stories is unlike anything else.

My two favorite film-makers of all time would be Peter Jackson—-the man who hand-crafted his Lord of the Rings triumph, and Walt Disney—-the visionary who had a passion for what he did, truly understood its potential, and excelled at it in every possible way.

“The motion picture still has great things ahead. Equipped with its big screens, its color and sound fidelities, and all its perfected devices for illusionment, nothing is beyond its range and power. What it has brought on the screen for every family to see and ponder has been wonderful.”

— Walt Disney


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