New Trailer: “Saving Mr. Banks”

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Movie News

Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson_Saving mr. Banks

As seasoned adults looking back into the depths of time, many of us remember how Walt Disney’s timeless classic Mary Poppins astonished our young, impressionable minds and instilled in us a sense of imagination. The vivid imagery, charming narrative, and unforgettable songs have always been ours to enjoy, lasting well into our aged years. But what many don’t know is the behind-the-scenes account of how the delightful film wasn’t quite so delightful during the process from book to film. And who better to distribute it than Walt’s very own company?

Apparently Mary Poppins was originally a book, one of several in fact, written by P. L. Travers (played in the film by Emma Thompson), a woman who desperately wanted her story told just as she had envisioned it. But good ol’ Uncle Walt, always the one for embellishing and exaggerating, wanted to liven it up, turning it into a merry musical—–much to the repulsion of Mrs. Travers. “I know what he’s going to do to her,” she states in the trailer, “She’ll be cavorting and twinkling!”

The title “Saving Mr. Banks” may seem a bit puzzling, but the trailer explains that Mary Poppins was never meant to help the children, but rather their cold, ill-tempered father, Mr. Banks. It was he who made the largest transformation by the film’s end. The story even had a special place in Travers’ heart.

Tom Hanks_Saving mr. BanksBut what interests me the most about this film is the fact that for the first time in cinematic history, Walt Disney will be portrayed in a film. The actor who will be representing him is none other than the great Tom Hanks. As an avid Walt Disney enthusiast, I have been long waiting for this. While it may not be a focused biography of the life of the greatest film maker of all time, Saving Mr. Banks  will do what Lincoln did: focus on a specific, very influential portion of the character’s life.

What I will be looking for the most in this film is Hanks’ portrayal of the beloved Walt. By appearance, he looks the part, sporting his signature moustache and neat-looking suit. Efforts were clearly made down to the finest detail to make him look as close to the man as possible, even down to his recognizable Smoke Tree Ranch tie tack.

But when it comes to the voice, there I’m not quite so convinced. While you certainly know that this is Tom Hanks, he doesn’t have that deeper, ever-so-raspy voice, a signature element of Walt that we have come to love about him. While I am ever-the-more excited by this first trailer, my only concern is that Hanks attain the perfect persona for this titanic role, a feat that I do not envy him.

(View trailer)


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