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Posted: April 29, 2013 in Movie News

The Dynamic Duo

Wow, talk about action-packed. I feel optimistic about the direction this Western is taking. It feels a little hackneyed at some points, I will admit; but nowadays it’s difficult to maintain complete originality in films, especially in Westerns. After all, when it comes to cowboys and Indians there isn’t an awful lot that hasn’t been done. I mean, if you think back to the time period there wasn’t much going on beyond your clichéd stage coach heists, gunfight showdowns, and train hijackings—-all of which are in this movie.

But what this film does have going for it is its timeless story of hero-versus-society, most notably demonstrated in the Dark Knight trilogy. A character such The Lone Ranger who despises injustice but struggles with society’s means of resolving it presents some very interesting points of conflict, not only with himself but with the society he is pitted against. I do hope they properly utilize the potential of this masked hero without making him just another typical cowboy figure.

The trailer sheds a bit more light onto the plot, revealing John Reid’s reason for becoming a vigilante. An outlaw is on the loose and our Lone Ranger has a personal vendetta against him. In finding this man he must team up with a justice-loving Native American and find help through a particular red-headed woman who is well-armed. . . or, well, “heeled.”

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The Man of Steel

Man of Steel is going to become the Batman Begins of 2013. If you think about it, both superheroes went through similar processes in their cinematic histories. They both had first films that were good, then multiple sequels that fell shorter as they went. When Batman was revived in 2005, audiences knew that the dark knight had taken a turn for the best. Now that Superman is getting the defibrillator, audiences are about to get a second whiff of superhero rebirth like we’ve never seen before.

The trailer starts out with Kent’s father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe), sending him as an infant to earth just before Krypton’s demise. The small snippet is subtly peaceful and powerful. It isn’t one of those “dramatic music as the planet crumbles and baby Superman is whisked away towards safety, then crash-lands on earth and majestically emerges from his escape pod” kind of moments. It’s quiet and compelling. Jor-El’s words are calm and let us know that something incredible is going to transpire in this film.

After a good minute of pure action and adrenaline (you have to have that in a superhero flick trailer), a voice-over by Lois Lane (Amy Adams) explaining what’s so great about Superman, and a couple malicious lines delivered by the film’s villain, we at last—-on the third trailer—-get a funny part. “It’s not an ‘S’,” Clarke explains, referring to his legendary chest decoration, “in my world it means hope.” But Lois insists it is an “S” and that he be given an alias.

Ultimately, I have high hopes for this one. While it most likely will never reach the same level of magnificence as the Dark Knight trilogy, my prediction is that this will become one of the greatest superhero films ever created.

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Mike_Monsters University

By now, general audiences are a bit disgruntled with the “once-great” film studio Pixar. After a Cars sequel that wasn’t quite up to par with the original and a princess movie lacking Pixar’s renowned originality, I don’t think the new Monsters University  trailer will convince them that the golden days of Finding Nemo and Toy Story have returned. This seems more like a film that was greatly inspired by the fans but not Pixar’s first choice.

The story itself definitely seems plausible, showing that Mike and Sulley’s genial relationship wasn’t always quite like that. This also seems like one of those films that college students could really sink their teeth into, or even those who will want to relive their college days. Only they’ll be reliving it through monsters. Scary monsters. Who knows, perhaps Pixar will amaze us like they almost always do. I can tell you one thing, though, more Mike and Sulley is not a bad thing.

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The God of Thunder

Intensity is coming to a universe near you. Or at least that’s what the trailer for Thor: The Dark World  promises. Finally we get a first glimpse at the highly-anticipated Thor follow-up to The Avengers, and I gotta say that this shows promise. I don’t mean that it shows promise in that “it’s gonna be cool and epic!” sort of way; I mean it’s going to be thrilling and driven by a dire, earth-shattering plot. But I know what you’re thinking: “There are so many of those already!” Yes there are, but this time it’s going to be a tad different, because this time the hero is teaming up with the bad guy.

The beginning of the trailer reveals that our concept that there was no existence before man is false. Before us there were. . . DARK BEINGS. Original. But let’s wait and see what kind of darkness this is, because Stormtroopers and Ringwraiths are both dark, but they’re about as opposite as you can get.

The best part, however—-the reason you know that this film will have an interesting twist—-is the very end. “You must be truly desperate to come to me for help,” says an all-too-familiar voice, to which Thor responds, “You should know that when you betray me I will kill you.” And that’s when we see one of the greatest supervillains of all time sporting his new hippie look.

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