Jurassic Park 3D

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Movie Reviews


The way in which stories were told was changed forever. Prior to 1993, science-fiction was thought of as alien B movies where crudely-dressed actors made cheap popcorn thrillers for Saturday matinees. With the release of Jurassic Park, a film based off of Michael Crichton’s bestseller, audiences were introduced to a reinvented sci-fi genre that blended the improbable with reality.

Also, the use of CGI up to that point was minimal—–merely a tool to create that which could not be produced in real life. Again, it was Jurassic Park  that broke past boundaries and excelled to new levels entirely. Even its use of special effects and animatronic dinosaurs revolutionized the film industry forever.

As a child, Jurassic Park  fulfills our fantasies of dinosaurs come to life. What child has not ever been astounded and mesmerized by dinosaurs in some minuscule way? For the child in all of us, Jurassic Park  never ceases to amaze, to stimulate and engross.

As an adult, the attraction is just as strong. You never really sense that Jurassic Park  is a science-fiction film, even though the discussions of genetics and the examples of cloning are purely fictional. This detail matters little to us; it is done in such a comprehensive and realistic manner that you become sucked into the imagination of it all instead of focusing on the probability.

From a cinematic point of view, Jurassic Park  is a spectacle to behold. It smashes past other films of its time and establishes itself as a timeless classic. Firstly, in its special effects and CGI. Spielberg was initially going to use the conventional stop-motion method for creating the dinosaurs (notably used in the 1933 film King Kong). But the technology of his time was developed just enough that computer-generated dinosaurs were created in a realistic manner, the likes of which had never before been seen on film. Think of the first time you ever saw the brachiosaurus scene; the beauty of it all, the soft pounding of its walk, John Williams’ majestic music lending to the passion, and the awe in the eyes of the characters. One cannot help but be astounded by the sheer spectacle and majesty of the scene.

As for the non-animated dinosaurs, Spielberg again pushed the boundaries. Did you ever think to yourself during the       T. Rex attack that it was merely a machine? When that dinosaur looks through the window of the car, the thought on everyone’s mind is, “Now that is a real dinosaur.” It is an undeniable fact.

T. Rex eye

But what truly brings this film together and keeps it from becoming a sci-fi, special effects gabfest are the characters, and more specifically the cast. Each character in the film seems well-adjusted and perfectly balanced, their placement and function perfectly executed. The fact that we care about them, laugh with them, and panic with them unites the story and ties it up in a cohesive way.

Now, 20 years later, director Steven Spielberg invites us back into the movie theater to celebrate its milestone anniversary and journey back into Jurassic Park in the third dimension. I was only a young tyke when the film debuted, and I found it a sheer joy to be able to view it on the big screen.

One must ask if 3D is necessary for a film such as this, or if it’s merely a money-making scheme. I will admit 3D has become over-inflated in its few short years of existence, and most films that are released in this medium are, at best, superfluous. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jurassic Park  is the best post-converted 3D I have ever seen and was completely worth the extra money.

Unlike Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, where some images rendered slightly flat, Jurassic Park looked flawless. In fact, had I not previously seen it, I would have thought it were filmed in 3D. Some shots looked as if they were created for it, and left you in pleasant surprise. One shot in particular of a velociraptor leaping up towards the camera is the stuff 3D was made for.

Although the 3D showings are now gone, I would highly urge you to go see the regular showing at your local theater. If you are a passionate fan ready for a nostalgic return into Jurassic Park or if you missed out the first time, then I would say go post-haste. There waiting for you are the dinosaurs and the classic themes that have dazzled the screen for 20 years. Welcome to Jurassic Park.

9 stars

Jurassic-Park gate


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