“Finding Nemo” Sequel Confirmed

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Movie News

Finding Dory logo

USA, April 2—-Well, folks, after ten years of Cars sequels, Toy Story sequels, and now a Monsters Inc. prequel, Disney has finally loosened the brakes on Finding Dory—-the anticipated follow-up to the highly-acclaimed Pixar film Finding Nemo.

The announcement was officially made by comedian Ellen DeGeneres, well-known for giving voice to Dory, on her show Tuesday. Her desire for this announcement has been implied often on her show in the past, but now, like multitudes of fans, her exuberance runs over. Although, I doubt whether she ever anticipated her character in the title role.

Ellen DeGeneres announcement Finding Dory will again be directed by Andrew Stanton and has a November 25, 2015 release date. Although little has been revealed regarding the plot, as per the title Dory will obviously go missing. Former characters such as Nemo and Marlin will return, while Pixar promises a host of fresh characters.

While this news excites the deepest of my fan boy emotions, a hesitant part of me wonders whether Pixar can effectively pull off this grand feat. Finding Nemo was, after all, a land-slide hit compared to any film—-animated or not—-that resulted in over $920 million in revenue. It seems only natural that they would want to cash in on the film’s enormous success, as they did with Cars, but Pixar is certainly treading in deep waters with this colossal decision.

One side of me happily says “More Dory!” while the other side warily remembers the words of Walt Disney himself after his Three Little Pigs sequel flopped—-“You can’t top pigs with pigs.” So can Pixar manage to top fish with fish? One must wonder. My main consolation is the fact that Pixar kept the Toy Story franchise well alive and fresh even into the third venture.

While I do wish that Pixar would return to fresh, new stories and leave the sequels and prequels alone for a little while, I do admire their boldness. It was a decision long in the making, and a decision not lightly made, I’m sure.

So what are your thoughts? Are you optimistic about this bold venture? Or do you think that Disney has perhaps bitten off more than even a Great White can handle? As for me, I can only say that more Dory = a thumbs up from me.

(Watch Ellen’s announcement)




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