Trailer Review: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Movie News

Benedict Cumberbatch as Star Trek villain

March 11—–Captain Kirk appears to have done something naughty. After narrowly escaping unknown dangers on some planet filled with red foliage, diving off a cliff into swelling waters below, Captain Pike is heard telling Kirk about what a pain he is. “You think the rules don’t apply to you,” he says, “because you disagree with them.” I like the fact that, heading into film #2, Kirk still has some issues with obeying authority. One would assume that after Kirk’s hardening lesson in film #1, everything concerning his competence would be all squared away, and we can instead focus on the new villain.

But here we see that Kirk still has some obedience issues. Although some may claim that this slows down the story—-focusing on something already established—-I see it as the opposite. Most sequels don’t like treading on previously-laid trails, concerned that it will lose the attention of the audience. But I think that this is what actually makes a sequel good.

"You know, you really are a pain."

Take the Dark Knight  trilogy, for example. Rather than simply feel like three separate stories, each film works coherently with each other. Bruce Wayne is still feeling the impact from The Dark Knight eight years later in The Dark Knight Rises. Not only does this give us a sense of consistency, but it allows each film to build upon the last, ultimately creating a much stronger, sturdier trilogy than three separate films could ever achieve.

Kirk and Spock -- the titansThe trailer then gives us another small glimpse of the film’s villain (“There’s a fugitive and I want to take him out,” Kirk adamantly states), but since the previous trailer already thoroughly introduced him, the trailer wisely moves on.

After narrowly maneuvering his ship through a thin crevice (perhaps a knock-off of the Millennium Falcon bit from The Empire Strikes Back), Kirk hesitantly states “I told you we’d fit,” to which Spock responds “I’m not sure that qualifies.” I hope they decide to bring back some of that humorous camaraderie between perhaps the series’ most renowned characters.

Other than this, there’s only more action, more heart-pumping adrenaline, more epic music, and a giant fish. This trailer is shorter than most other trailers, clocking in at about 1:15. But I very much like the movie this is shaping up to be. I just hope that they do go with the “still-arrogant captain, yet to learn what it truly means to be in charge of a crew” angle, instead of just making this like every other bland, stereotypical sequel.

(View trailer)


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