New Trailer: “Iron Man 3”

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Movie News

Strike a pose.

USA, October 23—–Darkness. Tony Stark, in his iconic Iron Man armor, lies beaten and bruised in the depths of a snow-ridden forest. “Got a lot of apologies to make” he states.

Ever since May, when Marvel aroused our insatiable appetite for all things superhero, we’ve only been longing for more. More Iron Man; more Thor; more Captain America; more Hulk! The Avengers will be a tough act to follow; however, based on the trailer, I have a slight premonition that this new director is taking his job seriously.

Iron Man 3 is not going to be your typical Iron Man flick. The arrogant, egotistical billionaire that once was will soon no longer be. “Nothing’s been the same since New York (a reference to The Avengers).” Something’s troubling our Mr. Stark. “I can’t sleep” he continues, “And when I do, I have nightmares.”

The trailer introduces the new bad guy: the Mandarin, played by the wonderfully-convincing Sir Ben Kingsley. “Some people call me a terrorist” he proclaims (surprisingly, not with your typical British bad-guy accent), “I consider myself the teacher. Lesson #1: Heroes, there’s no such thing” he says as Tony Stark’s home is destroyed, along with his armada of Iron Man suits.

Not the cool Malibu house!

Quite honestly, I am now quite exuberant about this movie. Hopefully they won’t over-do it. Iron Man was just right, but with Iron Man 2 they “under-did” it. I am hopeful that they won’t take this one too much over the top. It’s a difficult thing to do in a sequel. It takes a director with real know-how (ahem, Chris Nolan) to create a poignant sequel that offers enough material and direction, much less conflict, to even merit its existence.

But I’m quite happy with the direction Iron Man 3 is taking. It segues from The Avengers straight into the next chapter in the life of Tony Stark. It doesn’t say “Alright, Iron Man, everybody! Let’s see some more action and stuff blowing up!” It portrays Stark’s hesitant and uneasy nature (something we have never before seen), how he deals with the post-Avengers events, and it leaves us hanging, wondering what will happen to the great titular hero when he is reduced to the absolute amoeba stage.

It’s like….. Chinese Darwin.

This trailer contains direction and meaningful conflict, which is something of a lost art to most modern directors. The Mandarin appears to be somewhat of a mix of the Joker and Bane, which means that he will be a meaningful nemesis for Iron Man, not just your run-of-the-mill bad guy with a bunch of meaningless bad guy talk. Far more potent than that ridiculous Russian guy from Iron Man 2.

Cannot wait for this one! (View trailer)

The new and upgraded War Machine armor: the “Iron Patriot.” (But in actuality, a Captain America knock-off.) Not.


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