Behind the Scenes: “Les Misérables”

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Movie News

UK, September 20—–Nowadays, directors are always looking for some fresh perspective to place into their films, and Les Misérables is no exception. According to a recently-released trailer/behind-the-scenes video, director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) is taking his musical film to a whole new world. Sorry, wrong movie. . . a whole new level.

In a revolutionary stroke of genius, director Hooper has decided to have his actors sing live during the film, as opposed to having them record in a studio. Says Hooper, “This has not been done with this kind of consistency in a musical before. What will be exciting for the audience is that singing live has such a profound effect on the power and the realism of the story.” Starring acclaimed actors Hugh Jackman (X-Men and The Prestige), Russel Crowe and Anne Hathaway, this new film promises to break new ground. Based off of the trailer, it does indeed look to be very inspiring and incredibly emotional.

Hugh Jackman as the story’s main protagonist Jean Valjean.

Says Jackman, “The idea of singing live is daunting. But what it gives you is this freedom.” Based off of the highly-acclaimed play, the film is somewhat of a test, seeing as how it has never been done before. Crowe also puts in his own opinion, saying that singing live has an emotional level that “cannot be created in the studio.” Let us wait and see what new level of filmmaking this film will aspire to.

Les Misérables will be in theaters this Christmas day. (View the trailer)


Russell Crowe looking as bad-guy as ever.








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