New Trailer: “The Hobbit”

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Movie News

NEW ZEALAND, September 19—–You remember back in December when the very first trailer for The Hobbit came out, and us passionate fans nearly passed out from hyperventilation? Well, here we are nine months later with a brand-spanking new look at the first of Peter Jackson’s new trilogy. A little fore-note: this trailer is amazing!

The trailer opens with some breathtaking shots of Middle-earth and the voice of Gandalf saying, “Far to the east, over ranges and rivers, lies a single, solitary peak.” We then see a map showing an ominous mountain with a large creature hovering next to it, and Gandalf continues, “The dwarves are determined to reclaim their homeland.”

We then go to the quant, lush, green land known as The Shire, where young Bilbo Baggins explains how much he loves company—-so long as he knows who they are beforehand. Some snippets of the unexpected party that shows up at poor Bilbo’s house, and Gandalf explains why the hobbit is the perfect candidate to go on an adventure.

Poor Bilbo. Guess who’ll have to do all those dishes!

Perhaps the best line from the trailer is Gandalf’s reason for choosing him. “Why Bilbo Baggins?” he asks, “Perhaps it is because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.” What a beautiful line, considering that this is the entire essence of who a hobbit really is at the core. Gandalf easily could have said the same thing about Frodo, and I’m sure he said it to himself many times. Tolkien’s reason for making hobbits the central protagonists and, really, the true heroes in his stories is to show us that even the smallest can make a difference, and I’m so pleased that Peter Jackson has seen this.

After a few words from Lord Elrond, which sound as if they’re straight from The Lord of the Rings films, we are given some foreboding news by Radagast the Brown. (Those who have read The Fellowship of the Ring will know who this is.) “A dark power has found a way back into the world” he says while simultaneously aiding a hedgehog. This “dark power” is most likely a reference to the same dark power previously seen in The Lord of the Rings.

We are then treated to an extended look at the “Riddles in the Dark” contest between Bilbo and a certain sly character who loves his “Precious.” A funny line is delivered at this point.

“If Baggins loses, we eats it whole”

What ensues is more action and drama as we see more of Middle-earth’s stunning landscapes, more of Tolkien’s characters, and some more poignant lines from both Gandalf and Thorin. This trailer is far more action-packed than the first, and certainly gives us a greater look into the magnificent, hand-crafted world of Peter Jackson and John Tolkien. Most directors pack all of their best material into their first preview, and then have nothing left for later on. But Jackson gave us just enough to pique our interest in the first and saved the best stuff for future trailers.

Without a doubt, an amazing and epic trailer. More proof that we are in for one special, extraordinary film come this December. (View the trailer)

Bilbo stops to soak in the sight of the gorgeous Rivendell.

Elrond gives Thorin some advice on the uncertainty of their journey.

Those who climb trees are usually in a tight spot.


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