New Trailer: “Lincoln”

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Movie News

Every wrinkle and gray hair is a reflection of the enormous amount of tension and stress our 16th president had upon himself.

USA, September 14—–It would seem that legendary director Steven Spielberg is turning over the proverbial leaf. Contrary to his past style of film-making that had that flair for action and adventure (i.e. Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan), Spielberg’s most recent film, War Horse, explored an entirely different side of cinematic storytelling. (See “That Inseparable Bond”)

Spielberg is continuing this new trend with his next film, Lincoln, another historical time-period picture dealing with. . . well, Lincoln. That’s right—-good ol’ “Honest Abe.” I personally was thrilled when I first heard of this for three reasons:

1) It’s a Steven Spielberg film. Enough said.

2) The one-and-only, the marvelous John Williams will be composing the score.

3) After a completely mortifying and utterly ridiculous film released this past summer depicting Lincoln as a vampire slayer, I was relieved to see that someone is actually taking their film seriously.

4) I had to include this one as well. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose most recent films include Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, will be starring in this film. Although not a lead character, his role will without a doubt still be extraordinary.

Starring as the film’s main protagonist will be academy award-winner Daniel Day-Lewis (The Last of the Mohicans). Also to star will be Tommy Lee Jones (Batman Forever and Captain America: The First Avenger).

Based on this film’s trailer, it would seem that we are in for a treat come later this year. I do enjoy a good film every once in a while that sets entertainment aside and focuses on educating and stimulating. But after the horrendous and just down-right blasphemous vampire movie, anything would be better. Let us hope that Spielberg will use this opportunity to create a poignant (and hopefully accurate) story about one of America’s most influential leaders.

Lincoln will be in theaters November 16. (View the trailer)






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