”Thor 2” In Production

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Movie News

SURREY, September 10—-As Marvel moves into the “Phase Two” stage, many of our favorite heroes previously seen in The Avengers are making their way back onto the silver screen. Production on the third Iron Man began back in June, and now news has reached our ears that filming has just begun for Thor: The Dark World. And it does have the appearance of a dark world, indeed.

To pique our interest, Marvel has released a number of photos from on set, portraying an epic battle between Asgardian forces versus some new type of army. Of course, the last time we saw a strange race of other-worldly warriors our response was the same. . . Who’s that? We don’t know, and most likely will not know for a while.

Intimidating bad guys are a staple of super-hero flicks.

Based on the photos, this film is looking to be very medieval in appearance. In contrast to the first film, which was very sci-fi in theme, this looks more like a Lord of the Rings meets 300 type film. But this is no surprise, as the film’s director is the same man who did the Game of Thrones television series.

This new genre is a planned campaign to give the film a more “gritty” feel. Thor 2 will be less out-of-this-world and a little more palpable. As much as I enjoyed Kenneth Branagh’s work on the first Thor, I am still eager to see what will be done with this one; what new, “dark” world Thor will explore.

Some new, dark-looking bad guy for us to wonder about.




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